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Newport, you are going to love this center! Nathan is a highly skilled martial artist who is creative, an excellent communicator and has a fun sense of humor. I can't wait to see all the programs that will be created to enhance expanding confidence, creativity and fitness. ... Read More

Sondra Arrache

Been training with Nathan for over a year, and if you want a coach who will push you to better. Challenge you to reach for new limits. Expand your belief in yourself and guide you in the journey of Jiu-Jitsu, this is your gym. ... Read More

Matthew Anaya

Such a great place that Nathan and Casey have built. It's welcoming, comfortable, and you're filled with positivity the moment you walk in the door. Nathan covers the physical side of your body with bootcamp and Jiu-Jitsu and Casey covers your nutrition, while both encourage the development of the mental game of exercise and diet. Such a winning combination. Additionally, they're both... Read More

Gabe Zawalski

Newport Jiu Jitsu Classes

Brazilian Jiu Jitsu

Our Tenth Planet Jiu-Jitsu training program offers comprehensive instruction for beginners, experienced fighters, and everyone in between. Learn Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu as it was meant to be, and join our community to stay challenged, keep fit, and have a blast in the process.

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

Group Fitness

Our Group Fitness classes are designed to set men and women from all across our community up for success. We're helping people of all fitness levels enjoy more motivation than ever before and see real results in no time.

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

Kids Martial Arts

Our Kids Martial Arts classes use the world of Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu to help students all across our community face life with confidence and learn discipline in everything they do. We have age-specific instruction for students in Newport and beyond.

Tsunami Training Center

The TSUNAMI TRAINING CENTER is a proud affiliate of 10th Planet Jiu-Jitsu, offering classes for everyone ages 3 and up! All skill levels are invited to train with us! We are working hard to develop our curriculum even further and bring even more exciting new classes to help you succeed and grow into the strongest version of yourself both mentally and physically!

Whether your goal is to take on the best ground grappling skills or get in great shape with the help of our Bootcamp training, we have the answer for you here.

Come see us in Newport and try it out for yourself or simply fill out the short form on your screen to learn more!

Newport Fitness Classes
Tsunami Training Center

Offering Well-Rounded Growth

Confidence & Self-Esteem in Newport - Tsunami Training Center

Confidence & Self-Esteem

Our training is designed to build you up one step at a time, helping you enjoy every single accomplishment and face life with more confidence than ever before.

Discipline & Self-Control in Newport - Tsunami Training Center

Discipline & Self-Control

Whether it's the young students in our Kids Martial Arts program or our adults taking on Jiu-Jitsu and Group Fitness, we're working hard to help everyone develop essential character skills in no time.

Self-Defense in Newport - Tsunami Training Center


Jiu-Jitsu is a dynamic ground-based system that can help you learn how to gain leverage over an opponent of any size or strength. We're proud to help you stay safe in any situation.

New Friends & Mentors in Newport - Tsunami Training Center

New Friends & Mentors

At Tsunami Training Center, we're truly a family of men and women who come together every day to challenge, support, and celebrate each other. We're here to have your back from day one.

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