Fuel Your Body Like Never Before With Professional Nutrition Coaching

Tired of giving it your all in the gym - only to be frustrated by the results?

Well, we have the solution.

At the Tsunami Training Center, we're proud to give our members access to professional Nutrition Coaching from a certified dietitian. Never let a workout go to waste  give your body the fuel it needs to maximize your results. Join us here in Newport and take advantage of professional nutrition services, courtesy of our unique partnership with Your Friendly Dietitian.

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Why Is Nutrition Coaching So Important To Your Success?

Exercise is only part of the battle. In order to enjoy long-lasting results and see your hard work pay off, it's essential that you're fueling your body between workouts with proper nutrition. Get what your body needs to grow without sacrificing the incredible cuisine that Newport has to offer — it all starts with your first consultation. 

Thanks to our partnership with Your Friendly Dietitian, we're proud to offer an in-house nutrition solution to our members. You'll have the chance to learn what your body needs to succeed and you'll enjoy the support and encouragement required to make it happen. 

We're offering everyone in Newport the chance to enjoy:

  • Sustainable eating habits
  • Improved energy
  • Ongoing accountability
  • Long-lasting results 

Don't Miss Out On Our Nutrition Coaching Here In Newport!

If you're ready to take your training to the next level, come talk to us about our Nutrition Coaching. Welcome to Newport's best-kept secret for kickstarting your results, designed to help you maximize every workout and simplify your success.

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